Talent Identification Services

The moment you engage HEADCOUNT STRATEGIES, an intake session will be scheduled so that  the full scope of your needs from a technical, organizational and team perspective are fully understood and addressed. HCS will create a scope of processes based upon your company’s unique requests and needs. HCS will communicate with you every step of the way. There will be no guesswork or wondering about what stage of the process your company is in.  HCS is bound to follow the agreed upon processes created at our initial intake session. We are unequivocally here to serve you. You and your company have the distinct benefit of HCS’ partnership which often evolves into long lasting professional relationships. HCS understands that a vacant position creates a ripple effect that negatively impacts your business...we are poised and ready to help your company develop your most important resource--the human resource.

Direct Placement

When you decide to engage our contingency fee, direct placement services, you reap the benefit of the many HEADCOUNT STRATEGIES current relationships as well as the diligent and exhaustive search of external, passive networks. HCS only identifies highly qualified, top talents based on your individual needs. With no obligation and zero up-front cost, our team is dedicated to supporting critical openings with the highest sense of urgency and commitment. 

Here to serve you...
Transparency is paramount in all that we do. HEADCOUNT STRATEGIES’ contingency placement fee is 20% of annual salary and carries a 90 day replacement guarantee.

Contract to Permanent

HEADCOUNT STRATEGIES understands your need for the exploration process between new, talented hires and their fit within your organization. HCS will provide your organization the flexibility to hire a potential employee on a contract basis, payrolled through HCS to help you make the long term decision of turning this position or person into a permanent part of your team. This gives you the  control over your bottom line and ensures that you make the hire that’s right for you and your organization. 

Here to serve you...
After 6 months, in this arrangement, the contractor is available for conversion to a full time, permanent employee of your organization at no additional expense beyond the payroll period. 

Consultant Services

Implementing new technologies or upgrading platforms? Deciding to branch into new markets or just simply need a subject matter expert to help guide existing staff to meet new and challenging goals? HEADCOUNT STRATEGIES has built relationships with Subject Matter Experts in multiple STEM related disciplines.  Your organization benefits from our relationships by giving you the confidence required through expert support to keep the work moving in the right direction. Forward. 

Here to serve you...
Our long term Consultant arrangements are typically based on an hourly fee and will be determined based on skill set and selected Consultant.

Project Support

HEADCOUNT STRATEGIES will help your team identify and hire the talent necessary to complete short and long term projects on a contractual basis. Your company’s singular needs may require utilization of our Project Support Solution. This solution is designed to utilize our contractor services for a target period of time helping your organization meet critical work. 

Here to serve you...
Our Project Support solution allows you to hire contractors on a defined hourly rate without the burden and cost of providing payroll services. HCS will provide all payroll services for Project Support Contractors.